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[DKFZ-2022-02736] Journal Article
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Profiling the immune landscape in mucinous ovarian carcinoma.
Mucinous ovarian carcinoma (MOC) is a rare histotype of ovarian cancer, with low response rates to standard chemotherapy, and very poor survival for patients diagnosed at advanced stage. There is a limited understanding of the MOC immune landscape, and consequently whether immune checkpoint inhibitors could be considered for a subset of patients.We performed multicolor immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF) on tissue microarrays in a cohort of 126 MOC patients. [...]
[DKFZ-2022-00151] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Reproductive factors do not influence survival with ovarian cancer.
Background Previous studies on the association between reproductive factors and ovarian cancer survival are equivocal, possibly due to small sample sizes. Methods Using data on 11,175 people diagnosed with primary invasive epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer (ovarian cancer) from 16 studies in the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium (OCAC), we examined the associations between survival and age at menarche, combined oral contraceptive use, parity, breastfeeding, age at last pregnancy, and menopausal status using Cox proportional hazard models. [...]
[DKFZ-2021-02557] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Endometriosis and menopausal hormone therapy impact the hysterectomy-ovarian cancer association.
To evaluate the association between hysterectomy and ovarian cancer, and to understand how hormone therapy (HT) use and endometriosis affect this association.We conducted a pooled analysis of self-reported data from 11 case-control studies in the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium (OCAC). Women with (n = 5350) and without ovarian cancer (n = 7544) who never used HT or exclusively used either estrogen-only therapy (ET) or estrogen+progestin therapy (EPT) were included. [...]
[DKFZ-2020-01618] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Expanding our understanding of ovarian cancer risk: the role of incomplete pregnancies.
Parity is associated with decreased risk of invasive ovarian cancer; however, the relationship between incomplete pregnancies and invasive ovarian cancer risk is unclear. This relationship was examined using 15 case-control studies from the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium (OCAC). [...]
[DKFZ-2020-01339] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Menopausal hormone therapy prior to the diagnosis of ovarian cancer is associated with improved survival.
Prior studies of menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) and ovarian cancer survival have been limited by lack of hormone regimen detail and insufficient sample sizes. To address these limitations, a comprehensive analysis of 6419 post-menopausal women with pathologically confirmed ovarian carcinoma was conducted to examine the association between MHT use prior to diagnosis and survival.Data from 15 studies in the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium were included. [...]
[DKFZ-2020-01260] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Prognostic gene expression signature for high-grade serous ovarian cancer.
Median overall survival (OS) for women with high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) is ∼4 years, yet survival varies widely between patients. There are no well-established, gene expression signatures associated with prognosis. [...]
[DKFZ-2020-01159] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Development and validation of the gene-expression Predictor of high-grade-serous Ovarian carcinoma molecular subTYPE (PrOTYPE).
Gene-expression-based molecular subtypes of high-grade serous tubo-ovarian cancer (HGSOC), demonstrated across multiple studies, may provide improved stratification for molecularly targeted trials. However, evaluation of clinical utility has been hindered by non-standardized methods which are not applicable in a clinical setting. [...]
[DKFZ-2020-00724] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Association Between Breastfeeding and Ovarian Cancer Risk.
Breastfeeding has been associated with a reduced risk of epithelial ovarian cancer in multiple studies, but others showed no association. Whether risk reduction extends beyond that provided by pregnancy alone or differs by histotype is unclear. [...]
pmc [DKFZ-2019-00576] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Genetic Data from Nearly 63,000 Women of European Descent Predicts DNA Methylation Biomarkers and Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Risk.
: DNA methylation is instrumental for gene regulation. Global changes in the epigenetic landscape have been recognized as a hallmark of cancer. [...]

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