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DBCoverage [DKFZ-2022-02935] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
The Pistachio Genomes Provide Insights into Nut Tree Domestication and ZW Sex Chromosome Evolution.
Pistachio is a nut crop domesticated in the Fertile crescent and a dioecious species with ZW sex chromosomes. We sequenced the genomes of P. [...]
DBCoverage [DKFZ-2022-02816] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
CIViCdb 2022: evolution of an open-access cancer variant interpretation knowledgebase.
Nucleic acids research 51(D1), D1230-D1241 () [10.1093/nar/gkac979]  GO
CIViC (Clinical Interpretation of Variants in Cancer; is a crowd-sourced, public domain knowledgebase composed of literature-derived evidence characterizing the clinical utility of cancer variants. As clinical sequencing becomes more prevalent in cancer management, the need for cancer variant interpretation has grown beyond the capability of any single institution. [...]
DBCoverage [DKFZ-2022-01967] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Axon guidance receptor ROBO3 modulates subtype identity and prognosis via AXL-associated inflammatory network in pancreatic cancer.
JCI insight 7(16), e154475 () [10.1172/jci.insight.154475]  GO
Metastatic pancreatic cancer (PDAC) has a poor clinical outcome with a 5-year survival rate below 3%. Recent transcriptome profiling of PDAC biopsies has identified 2 clinically distinct subtypes - the 'basal-like' (BL) subtype with poor prognosis and therapy resistance compared with the less aggressive and drug-susceptible 'classical' (CLA) subtype. [...]
[DKFZ-2022-01159] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Stromal changes in the aged lung induce an emergence from melanoma dormancy.
Nature <London> 606(7913), 396-405 () [10.1038/s41586-022-04774-2]  GO
Disseminated cancer cells from primary tumours can seed in distal tissues, but may take several years to form overt metastases, a phenomenon that is termed tumour dormancy. Despite its importance in metastasis and residual disease, few studies have been able to successfully characterize dormancy within melanoma. [...]
[DKFZ-2022-01135] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Five-year symptomatic hemorrhage risk of untreated brainstem cavernous malformations in a prospective cohort.
Hemorrhage of brainstem cavernous malformation (CM) would cause various symptoms and severe disability. The study aimed to elaborate on the 5-year actuarial cumulative hazard of symptomatic hemorrhage. [...]
[DKFZ-2022-00444] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
SHMT2 inhibition disrupts the TCF3 transcriptional survival program in Burkitt lymphoma.
Blood 139(4), 538 - 553 () [10.1182/blood.2021012081]  GO
Burkitt lymphoma (BL) is an aggressive lymphoma type that is currently treated by intensive chemoimmunotherapy. Despite the favorable clinical outcome for most patients with BL, chemotherapy-related toxicity and disease relapse remain major clinical challenges, emphasizing the need for innovative therapies. [...]
[DKFZ-2022-00210] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Standards for the classification of pathogenicity of somatic variants in cancer (oncogenicity): Joint recommendations of Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen), Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC), and Variant Interpretation for Cancer Consortium (VICC).
Several professional societies have published guidelines for the clinical interpretation of somatic variants, which specifically address diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic implications. Although these guidelines for the clinical interpretation of variants include data types that may be used to determine the oncogenicity of a variant (eg, population frequency, functional, and in silico data or somatic frequency), they do not provide a direct, systematic, and comprehensive set of standards and rules to classify the oncogenicity of a somatic variant. [...]

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