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                      cancer.Genome-wide association study summary data were used
                      to identify genetic variants associated with lifetime amount
                      of smoking (n=126 variants) and ever having smoked regularly
                      (n=112 variants). Using two-sample MR, we examined these
                      variants in relation to incident breast (122,977
                      cases/105,974 controls) and colorectal cancer (52,775
                      cases/45,940 controls).In inverse-variance weighted models,
                      a genetic predisposition to higher lifetime amount of
                      smoking was positively associated with breast cancer risk
                      [odds ratio [OR] per 1-standard deviation (SD) increment:
                      1.13 $(95\%$ confidence interval [CI]: 1.00-1.26); P: 0.04];
                      although heterogeneity was observed. Similar associations
                      were found for estrogen receptor-positive and estrogen
                      receptor-negative tumors. Higher lifetime amount of smoking
                      was positively associated with colorectal cancer [OR per
                      1-SD increment: 1.21 $(95\%$ CI: 1.04-1.40); P: 0.01], colon
                      cancer [OR: 1.31 $(95\%$ CI: 1.11-1.55); P: <0.01], and
                      rectal cancer [OR: 1.36 $(95\%$ CI: 1.07-1.73); P: 0.01].
                      Ever having smoked regularly was not associated with risks
                      of breast [OR: 1.01 $(95\%$ CI: 0.90-1.14); P: 0.85] or
                      colorectal cancer [OR: 0.97 $(95\%$ CI: 0.86-1.10); P:
                      0.68].These findings are consistent with prior observational
                      evidence and support a causal role of higher lifetime
                      smoking amount in the development of breast and colorectal
                      cancer.The results from this comprehensive MR analysis
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